MAP IT is a marketplace that connects travelers to unique experiences with local insiders in many locations in Peru. With us, you can find things to do in Cusco, Lima, Puno, and beyond, and book them online.

On every tour, you'll get a fun and local perspective of the city, from street food to street art, hidden gems and all the best local cultural spots. We help you connect with people in authentic ways, whether you are learning food traditions from a chef, rowing in the middle of Lake Titicaca, or creating your own ceramics with a craftsman from a local community.

Why travel with


Explore authentic experiences with local experts and get to know different cultures and ways of life.

with locals

You’ll get an insider's perspective of the culture by tasting their food, hearing their tales, and getting in touch with their traditions.


Our mission is to make a sustainable change in Peru by bringing more income to the locals, protecting our environment, and preserving disappearing culture and communities.


The first thing we always think about is the safety of our travelers, and our team will ensure it in each activity.

Our Team

Equipo Map it!

MAP IT was founded in 2019 by Ursula, Daniela, and Mirella; Peruvian entrepreneurs who came together for one purpose: To turn traditional tourism into a sustainable one and to show the world that traveling and improving lives go hand in hand.

We want to preserve our country's culture and promote an authentic cultural exchange while offering a responsible tourism that helps to create opportunities for local people. We believe tourism can be a tool of change and we will work every day to achieve it.

Social Impact

1USD = 1 Social Point

With your contribution, we can support social projects in communities throughout the country such as trainings, infrastructure improvement, reforestation, education programs, and many others. Join our cause and help us turn our projects into reality!


Our “wisers” are insiders who know the cities like the back of their hands and are eager to share their world with you.

Wisers local

They are our local experts who live in Andean communities. Their lives are full of history, traditions and ancient knowledge.

Wisers expert

They are passionate about art, music, gastronomy, photography and more. Join them for one-of-a-kind activities that you will not get anywhere else.

Wisers helper

From translators, drivers, cooks and more…they are the part of our team that makes your experience possible!